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About Gaming Dads

One day in March 2017, a dad told another dad that he was immature and wrong for playing computer games and that his family deserved more of him as a father. That dad called “bullsh**” as you just did and set up the Facebook group Gaming Dads. Less than 4 weeks later we had our first 1,000 members. By the end of our first year we had over 10k members.

Gaming Dads FB was set up to give fathers a place where they can talk about all things gaming, swap and share GTs, celebrate all things fatherhood and be part of a community free from judgement and toxicity.
Gaming Dads brings fathers together in a way that hasn’t been done before, the reason we now have the biggest group on Facebook for gaming fathers.

At GamingDads.com, we aim to keep on passing the love. Here is where you can get the coolest gifts for a Dad who games, partners who game or children who game. At Gaming Dads, whether you’re here to buy cool stuff to wear, listen to our upcoming podcasts or to buy a game, know one thing:

We understand…


David’s Bio

Father to four, husband to one. David’s days are spent on any one or all of the following activities; helping his wife run her dog walking and dog boarding business from their London home, seeing his own massage and therapy clients, helping with the day-to-day running of gamingdads.com or stopping his children ransacking his fridge like a pack of termites coming off of hunger strike. Never content with an easy life and passionate about entrepreneurship, David’s interests include: taking his children to museums and art galleries, reggae and soul music, watching stand-up comedy and sending Mathew and Rob ridiculous messages. Grateful for all life has to offer, David likes to live in the now but with the future firmly in sight.

Rob’s Bio

I am a full time stay at home Dad of 2 girls and married for close to 10 years now. When I’m not kissing booboo’s or serving countless meals or re-enacting scenes from Disney princess movies, I do what I can to run a successful household while holding down a part time job in the evenings. I also love being able to do my part in running the Gaming Dads organization along with many other dedicated Dads. Gaming Dads is what helps keeps me sane through it all as I can share my experiences with other like-minded Dads who live the same hustle as I do.

At Gaming Dads our golden rule is family first, gaming second and we thrive off of an amazing community built by our amazing members. When do I find the time for gaming? The real question is when do I find the time to sleep?


Mathew’s Bio

Mathew is a father to two kids, a son aged 3 and a daughter almost 2, and has been married for almost 7 years. His interests include photography, playing guitar, and researching ancient history. As the founder of Gaming Dads on Facebook, he spotted a gap in the online community for dads who enjoyed video games but wanted a mature and non-toxic environment to finally enjoy online gaming with other players who understood the life of a parent.
After losing his father at a very young age, Mathew had a life long desire to have children of his own and work hard to give them the best life had to offer. This drive put him on a path to study Business with Entrepreneurship at university and is currently developing a range of inventions and business ideas.
Mathew is happiest when doing one of either two things: making cherished memories with his wife and kids, or when sat with a glass of wine and his ps4 til the early hours.


Brian’s Bio

Introducing Brian. Little is known about this elusive gamer dad, but rest assured he is real. Some might say he is busy battling the forces of evil, hell bent on stealing the world’s most sought-after resource…. Mello Yello Zero and popcorn. Some might even say Brian single handedly prevented an alien invasion from the Kabootle empire, who we all know occupy the Ice Cream Nebula. Because of his actions, we, as a united world, can now enjoy Gummy Bears in peace while drinking a liter of cola.

When not letting his imagination run amuck, Brian is the father to a gorgeous 5-year-old girl, and a 5-month-old son. Brian loves gaming and has been at it since the early 80s. Brian has been married for almost 10 years to his gorgeous wife, and mother of his brood. When not gaming on his ps4 or teaching his kids the finer art of busting ass, he can be found in the garage firing up his Rec Tec grill and hopping from foot to foot, shirtless, and grunting “FIRE GUD!”.
Yes sir, fire is indeed gud.